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Kind Disregards


- Hydenburg -

Hydenburg album art

In a rolling tide of drones, drips, and sonic bubbles, Hydenburg is the downtempo underwater rave cheering you along your quest into a surreal world between asleep and awake. It's the mischievous voice in your head enticing you to do something ... somewhere.

Mastered by Bill Skibbe
Artwork by Louis-Ernest Bois

Photo: V.Ho

Kind Disregards is a long-distance collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Christian Carrière (Montréal) and Pascal Delaquis (Toronto). Borne out of a process of call-and-response composition, the project continues to evolve by embracing the raw energy that animates initial impulses. "Don't overthink it!"

At his core, Pascal is a drummer with a passion for percussive textures and deep grooves. He learned on pots and pans; a practice that has evolved into his present-day inquiries in tone and sound. His musical expressions have been captured in both live performance and studio recordings, and shared in the worlds of contemporary dance, theatre, and film.

Christian is a sound artist and musician who’s work lives in the dreamy grey zone between sound design, soundscape and music. His pieces have been broadcast on CBC, BBC3 and Radio-Canada, among others. He has released several albums and singles, both as a solo artist and with collaborators. His sound installations have been shown in galleries and museums in Canada, the UK, Denmark, and Turkey.